Holly’s Trip to the Dentist: A Tale of a Brave Smile

Apr 22, 2024 | Patient Tips

Once upon a time, in a cozy town nestled among rolling fields, lived a little girl named Holly. Holly was six years old, with bright eyes and a smile that lit up the room. She loved playing outside, reading books, and, most of all, eating ice cream with her friends.

One sunny day, as Holly was enjoying a scoop of her favorite bubblegum ice cream, she felt a tiny twinge in one of her teeth. It wasn’t too bad at first, but as the days went by, the twinge turned into a little ache, especially when she ate something cold or sweet.

Holly’s mom noticed her daughter wincing and asked her what was wrong. Holly showed her the little black spot she had noticed on one of her back teeth. Mom carefully looked at it and realized that Holly might have a cavity.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” Mom said, hugging Emily close. “We’ll go see Dr. Topping, our hometown family dentist, and he’ll help us take care of your tooth.”

The next day, Holly and Mom headed to Dr. Topping’s dental office. As they entered, Emily felt a nervous butterfly in her tummy. But the waiting room was bright and cheerful, with toys and books to explore, making Holly feel a little better.

Topping Dental Middlebury Waiting Room 1
Topping Dental Middlebury Waiting Room 2

When it was their turn to see Dr. Topping, Holly peeked into the examination room with wide eyes. Dr. Topping greeted them with a warm smile and invited Holly to sit in the big, comfy chair.

Dr. Topping explained everything he was going to do in a friendly voice. He leaned the chair back so that Holly was lying down and then turned on a bright light to help look inside her mouth. Holly opened wide, and Dr. Topping used a tiny mirror and a special tool to examine her teeth, making sure to be very gentle so it wouldn’t hurt.

After the examination, Dr. Topping told Holly and Mom that Holly did indeed have a tiny hole in her tooth, called a cavity. But he also said something very important: they had caught it early, and it would be easy to fix.

To fix Holly’s cavity, Dr. Topping explained that he would use a magical filling to make her tooth strong and healthy again. Holly listened as Dr. Topping described the process, feeling braver with each word.

With a little bit of magic and a lot of bravery, Holly sat through the filling procedure. Dr. Topping made sure Holly felt comfortable and safe the whole time, using a special numbing spray so she wouldn’t feel a thing.

When it was all done, Holly grinned from ear to ear, proud of herself for being so brave. Dr. Topping gave her a fun prize and told her she was such a great patient.

As Holly and Mom left the dentist’s office, Holly felt like a true hero. She knew that even though going to the dentist might seem scary at first, it was nothing to be afraid of. With Dr. Topping by her side, she knew she could face anything – even a cavity!

From that day on, Holly made sure to brush and floss her teeth every morning and night, just like Dr. Topping had taught her. And whenever she felt nervous about going to the dentist, she remembered her brave adventure and smiled, knowing that she was a true champion of healthy smiles.

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