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Whether you need treatment or your child, Topping Dental Group Elkhart can serve your entire family

Many dentists focus on a particular stage of life: pediatric dentistry or adult dentistry. Because of the special needs and attention that children require at the dentist, many established dental offices do not fully treat children and send them off to pediatric dental offices for anything outside of routine visits.

Here at Topping Dental Group Elkhart, we pride ourselves on being able to serve any and all dental needs for both you and your child. Whether it’s routine dental cleaning visits, pulling teeth to allow new teeth to grow in properly, spacers, or braces, we are able to serve your child in a way that ensures that both you and your child are comfortable and happy!

We are ready to serve you and your child’s dental needs so that you can be certain that they will have a smile that they are proud of for years to come!

How Do We Make Your Child Feel Comfortable at Topping Dental Group Elkhart?

To make sure that your child is comfortable, we go beyond just “cleaning teeth.” We always make sure that we:

  • Joke and have fun with your child to help them feel like it's an experience and not just a visit to "another doctor" because we know that laughter and joy makes for a great dentist visit.
  • Both tell and show your child what we will be doing during the appointment so that they know what to expect.
  • We don't push to get the appointment done; we go at the speed of the child's needs because the more a dentist pushes, the more likely they will become fearful of the dentist.
  • We keep our language simple and straight forward so that you and your child know and understand the health of your child's teeth.
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Reviews From Other Parents About Their Child’s Experience At Topping Dental Group Elkhart

What a great place! My daughter is comfortable with everyone and everything they’ve don’t so far. The explain exactly what needs to be done and any after care following the procedure! Highly recommend going here for you dental needs.

Sandy Holderbaum

My kiddos and I are very happy with Topping Dental and Dr. Swihart. From the knowledge they have to the comfortable feeling you get from everyone that works there.

Karen McCormick

Schedule Your Child’s Visit With The Elkhart Office

Call the office to schedule an appointment. Let us know about your child’s age and any special needs that they may have so that we can be sure to properly serve you and your child.

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